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What can I expect with my order?

You may order a whole, half, quarter, or eighth bundle. Each bundle yields steak, roast, ground burger, and other cuts. No matter what size bundle you choose, the breakdown is normally 20% steaks, 20% roast, 50% ground burger, and 10% other cuts. The totals can vary slightly based on how the steer is butchered. Steaks can be prepared bone-in or bone-out. For example, a T-bone steak (bone-in) contains two bone-out steaks, a New York Strip on one side of the bone and a Filet on the other. The total roast yield could also change based on customer preference; you may choose to have the round roast cut into steaks or ground into more burger. Other cuts are comprised of brisket, chip steaks, soup bones, stew meat, or stir fry; choices within this category vary by bundle size.

Example of a recent butchering of a half steer.

How Does Ordering Work?

1. Place an order for the beef bundle you desire.

2. Each bundle purchased will require a non-refundable deposit due at the time of ordering.

     Eighth-->$100    Quarter-->$150    Half-->$300    Whole--> $600

3. You will be contacted by phone or email with a cut sheet to select how you would like your beef prepared at the butcher. Once you have made your selections, your beef order will be fulfilled after a two week dry aging process.**

4. The final payment (determined by the hanging carcass weight less your deposit) will be due prior to picking up your beef bundle.

5. Beef bundles, once paid, will be available for pick up at the butcher, at the farm, or delivery may be arranged for an additional fee. All beef will be vacuum sealed, labeled with cut and weight, and frozen in a box.

    Our butcher is US inspected. Check them out! (Rising Springs Meat Company, Spring Mills, PA.)


**Note: When ordering quarter or eighth bundles, time of availability may vary based on whether or not the other bundles of beef are purchased for that steer. 

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Beef Bundles

We offer a variety of options to help make our beef available to you in the size and quality you need. Check out the options below to find what works best for you!

**Note: We harvest cattle monthly around mid month

Price includes processing fee

Whole Beef

750-870 lbs


Half Beef


375-435 lbs



Quarter Beef


186-218 lbs



Eighth Beef


94-109 lbs



Contact James Gorham, Manager

(570) 295-8379

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