Mary's Memories

Coming Back to the Farm, to Home

Growing up on a farm. Oh my, where to start? Ever since my husband James and I made the decision to make farming our life's work, memories have been flooding into my mind. I have been remembering countless experiences since I spent my childhood here. I remember being surrounded by corn, soybean, and barley fields; smelling the rain rolling in from the west; and seeing the sunsets across the valley. As a child, I knew of nothing else. I loved riding in the combine during harvest time as our dog, Max, ran ahead spotting for rabbits, ground hogs, and baby deer.

I would wait at the silo blower for Dad to come back with a fresh load of barley just so I could help him shake the grain wagon empty. When we were done, I would jump down, take my shoes off, and shake the scratchy grain from between my toes. It was so itchy! A nice hot shower never felt as good as it did after playing in dirt and dust. As the water flowed over me, it revealed my sun kissed skin beneath. I was never so brown; in addition to the classic farmer’s tan, I have clearly gotten my Dad's complexion. Sun up to sun down, summer days were long. I think God made these days just for farmers, so that every single last kernel of corn could be gathered at the peak of being fit.  


Now as a mother of two boys, I imagine the experiences they may have growing up with their Dad farming. It's hard work. There are a lot of hours, blood, sweat, and tears involved in the day to day. I reflect on my young years. What was my dad like? He was focused—focused on the farm when he needed to be, but also focused on his family. From the conversations at breakfast before going to school to the shared bowl of popcorn before going to bed, Dad was there when I needed him. Even though the farm kept him busy, I don’t recall feeling neglected or wishing he was around more. Somehow, he was able to balance farm life and family. I am so thankful that now my husband gets to learn from the best. He gets to be the recipient of the great wisdom my Dad has to offer for life, work, and family. My children get to observe and learn about having good work ethic, staying focused, and having fun all at the same time. What a great opportunity and a great place to grow! 

I am excited to relive more memories as we begin this journey—memories I get to share with not only my children, but with you all as well. This current season of farming is planting. These are the long days, the days where no one breaks for lunch or supper on time, where every moment of daylight is utilized, when there are clouds of dust around every tractor and the face of every farmer is brown from dust and sun.  These planting days are filled with so many emotions—expectation, fear, anticipation, hope. This is the time when farmers tuck seeds into the ground, leaving their fate in God’s hands. Oh, the faith of a farmer! What better way to grow closer to our creator than to place your livelihood in his hands!


Happy Days! Happy Planting! 


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