About Us

Our mission is to connect your family to premium grain-fed beef from a local sustainable family farm.

Other ways we work at sustainability:

  • Our farm is 100% no-till, meaning the ground is not disturbed by plowing. This, along with planting cover crops, helps to decrease  wind and soil erosion and to enhance soil structure and biology, not to mention saving a lot of fuel and energy.

  • Every three years our soil is tested across all acres to make sure all the nutrients are there to feed the crops. This helps us to control the nutrient levels for the crops. This helps us to make best use of the nutrients produced from the cattle.

  • ​We use solar panels to generate 80% of our electrical needs.

  • We have planted trees around our streams to create buffer zones to help protect the Chesapeake Bay. 

  • Our equipment is GPS controlled to more accurately and efficiently plant, vary rates, and reduce herbicide use.

Our Beef Cattle

Coming to the farm from the hills of Virginia, the steers are purchased from backgrounders, who raise them until they are yearlings. Our cattle settle into our starter barn, weighing about 800 pounds each. After 3 weeks, they are moved to our finishing facilities where they receive a high-energy, grain based diet. After 120-150 days, they are ready to be sold and processed.

We finish about 700 head a year. For our premium beef customers, we pick the best cattle from the lot. This ensures exceptional consistent quality. Our beef cattle are Black Angus influenced. We send most of our cattle to a large packer where 95% of them are graded USDA “choice” or  “prime”, indicating our meat is well-marbled.


The key to producing well-marbled beef is a combination of genetics and diet. We buy our Black Angus influenced cattle for the genetics, and then we feed them a diet that maximizes the quality potential of the genetics. Try it, and taste for yourself

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